Aunt Ellen’s Project List

This series has been done twice: first in May of 2015 and March of 2016. Each were structured differently, but I do hope you will enjoy these projects and can find something here that inspires you.

March 2017

Here is the March 2017 project list-it is a mix of March issues of The Workbasket magazines (1955, 1966, 1976, and 1978), Pinterest and one project that I made-up.


Shamrock Lapel Pin • Workbasket, March ’55 p8

Paper Necklace • Workbasket, March ’78, p35

Key Pin • Workbasket, March ’77, p26

Sunnies Glass case • Pinterest Board

Easy Baskets • Pinterest Board

Bug Spray • Pinterest Board


Deviled Beef Ribs • Workbasket, March ’78, p23

Peter Rabbit Muffins • Workbasket, March ’78, p41

Apple Sauce Bread • Workbasket, March ’78, p41

Welsh Rarebit Bread • Workbasket, March ’78, p44

Hash Brown Potatoes • Workbasket, March ’76, p33

Slow cooker Corned Beef • Pinterest Board

May 2015

The Workbasket and Home Arts Magazine—May 1981 issue

This is the project list and I will update as needed.

Hooded Sweater, page 10

• Making in size 6 for O. Using I Love This Cotton! yarn in Purple and Amethyst


Doll’s Dream Blanket, page 45


Baked Peachy Chicken (recipe), page 43

Carrot Brownies (recipe), page 20

Beef Stew with Fruit and Vegetables (recipe), page 44

Peach Cobbler (recipe), page 42

BBQ Meatloaf w/ peaches (recipe), page 43

Peanut Butter Cookies, page 20 make 2, store 1, page 48

Peach Spinach Vinaigrette (recipe), page 44

Calico Rice and Franks (recipe), page 44

Molasses-Oatmeal Cookies, 20


(My Black Thumb turns) Planting Roses, page 30