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I finished the Summer bag! I made several modifications to it while I was knitting it, mostly in the way it closes and how you ‘attach’ the icord.
It’s really hard to take a picture of something on your own back! 🙂

I also started on my dishcloth KAL yesterday, it’s coming along nicely.

And…I went to get the MINI washed yesterday and since I was near the Hobby Lobby…OMG I think I have a yarn problem.
I purchased 24 skeins of Sugar N’ Cream yarn! I swear, I only went because I read on one of my knitting groups that they sold Peaches N’ Cream (or whatever it’s called) and I have never seen it before and I’ve heard it’s softer. HL had all sorts of colors I hadn’t seen before.

Why do I think they will not have it next time I go in? Why can’t I just store it in my memory that they have all those colors and then just practice some restrain?

I am not allowed to go looking for yarn anymore.

Unless I need something specific. 🙂

Now I need to get another storage box to put it into.

In other news, I saw Knocked Up yesterday.
It was very funny! I love Paul Rudd (how adorable is he?) and Seth Rogen was very good. I could have done without Katherine Heigl. She was OK. But she’s really just Izzy from Grey’s Anatomy. Her character isn’t that different.

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